Montreal, QC

DEP / DEC Firefighter, DEC Paramedic, PHTLS Advanced, AMLS, ACLS


  • Full-time Firefighter with the City of Montreal
  • 2+ Years as a Paramedic
  • Trainer for Firefighters Medical First Responders of tomorrow”

Passionate about emergency jobs, Sylvain is a touch to everything. A trained firefighter, he has been working as a full-time firefighter for the City of Montreal since May 2013. More specifically attracted to emergency medical care, Sylvain completed his college diploma in 2017 as a paramedic. His field knowledge as firefighters first responders combined with the in-depth medical training of a paramedic subsequently opened the doors to education. Determined to transmit his knowledge, Sylvain has been training the firefighters medical first responders of tomorrow since 2018. Always eager for challenge, Sylvain likes wild regions where resourcefulness is required. Now an instructor for the WMA, Sylvain’s objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the rural environment and the isolated regions specific to the WMA.

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