Instructor Certification

Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds. Their outdoor experience as mountain climbers, rescue personnel, sailors, dog sledders and paddlers is enhanced with substantial medical experience as Military Medics, Paramedics, Nurses or Physicians. Becoming an instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates Canada is a nice complement to professionals already working in remote industries or medical professions.

Prerequisites for Becoming a WMA Instructor:

  1. Solid teaching experience.
  2. Diverse wilderness experience.
  3. Certification or qualification as a medical professional is preferred, however we will consider candidates with other documented patient care experiences.
  4. Hands-on emergency patient care experience: Ski Patrol, Ambulance, Hospital, etc. If you do not have patient experience you must be willing to gain experience (i.e.: third person on an ambulance) while you are becoming a lead instructor.

Process for Becoming an Instructor:

STEP 1: Complete an application (see below). Include: copies of all current relevant certifications and letters of reference. Once the package is received applicants will be interviewed via telephone.

STEP 2: Successfully complete a Wilderness Medical Associates’ Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, or higher. You must attend a course as a student before you will be allowed to attend the Instructor Training course. We want all prospective instructors to have been exposed to, and have an affinity for, our core standard curriculum; this is the WFR course.

STEP 3: If accepted, you will need to register and attend an Instructor Training (IT) Program. Completion of an IT program does not ensure certification by Wilderness Medical Associates International. Only those candidates who are successful on the IT will be eligible for scheduling on WMA courses.

STEP 4: Assist on courses. Each assistant will have an individual learning program. During this time, assistants are expected to upgrade any deficient area (i.e.: patient care or remote expedition experience). As well, assistants must start to accumulate video tapes of their teaching and evaluations from lead instructors. Once you have sufficient experience you may petition the Quality Assurance Committee for a promotion to Lead Instructor.

Application Information:

The purpose of the Instructor Training program is to provide emergency and rescue professionals with the capacity to bring the Wilderness Medical Associates International curriculum to their own region, or where a high demand for WMA training already exists. Our network, of over 200 instructors, work world-wide. These instructors are the company’s most valuable asset. Our success attests to the energy, loyalty, and ability of our instructor pool.

Becoming an instructor can be a lengthy and expensive process. As a result, our instructors are talented and persistent. We consider them to be part of the extended WMA family throughout the changes in their career and life. Please answer the following questions and forward with current resume or CV, two letters of reference & copies of your credentials to office@wmacanada.com. Your response may be typed or hand written.


  1. What is your level of formal medical training?
  2. What is your current position?
  3. List your experiences with hands-on emergency patient care? How long?
  4. What is your background in wilderness rescue?
  5. What is your teaching background? What have you taught and how long?
  6. What other life experience do you feel that you have that has prepared you to be an educator?
  7. What is your background in outdoor leadership and skills?
  8. Do you have administrative experience, if so please describe?
  9. Please describe any other relevant background or life experiences that would prepare you as an instructor?
  10. Why do you wish to become an instructor? Please indicate what you believe is your strongest asset to the company?
  11. What is your availability to teach courses? How many days a year? Are you willing to travel – expenses paid.
  12. Are you associated with any organization that might sponsor a Wilderness Medical Associates Canada course?

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